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Between now and the election on the 1st August this site is my attempt to reach out and listen to the electors of Pembroke.

There are only a few days left and the lack of time prohibits me knocking on everyone's door to meet with them. The web is the best way we have of meeting each other and you assessing my merits. This is the best chance you may have of deciding whether I am worth the trust that you give with your vote.

This is an important By-Election. Some commentators say it is a test of the Labor Government’s popularity. If it was to be then I guess my chances of election would be doomed. The government is struggling with popularity and I am clearly a pro Labor candidate. But I would urge you to treat your vote as other than a vote for or against the government and treat it instead as a vote for who you consider to be the best candidate. This is a vote for the candidate you best think can represent you in the Legislative Council, the independent House of Review.

I hope this site impresses you with the fact of my expressed and exhibited independence yet reassures you of my abilities to represent you skillfully and work maturely with government of any persuasion.

To talk with me live on line between 7.30 and 9.00pm each night use the ASK CROTTY feature on this site or send me an email or SMS. I'm here to answer your questions.

August 1st is the date on which you can send a clear message that you want a candidate of proven capacity and independence, yet with deep Labor roots, to work for you in Pembroke. It is the day on which you can vote for the worth of the candidate and not simply for a party. By voting 1 CROTTY you are supporting the Independence of the Legislative Council while ensuring the person you vote for has a committed social conscience.

As a community Pembroke needs strong representation. It has special and some have said intractable problems that have been left unaddressed for years. It is time to stop dithering and address those issues. I have served the community as a lawyer in general practice for the past 25 years. My work as a lawyer provides me with the skills and experience, and demonstrates my strength, to deal with difficult issues.

One such example is traffic congestion on the Bridge and East Derwent Highway. Left to itself it will only get worse. Now is the time to plan. Decreasing car numbers by the increased use of better public transport is only part of the solution. Park and ride is needed but again only part of meeting the demands of a growing eastern shore population. Car pooling; fine in theory, difficult in practice.

It is easy to say change commuting habits, but those saying such usually do not live on the poorly serviced eastern shore. Cars are used because there is no viable alternative. Why else do we pay a fortune to bring them into town. And the answer is not to make the cost of car usage even more expensive to dissuade usage and encourage the use of inadequate public transport. We need not live in the third world.

The answer is a fast efficient cost effective light rail system that runs all day everyday from feeder stations on the eastern shore to the city. And if it cannot go anywhere else it goes on the middle lane of the bridge. We have the technology we just lack the political will. Or perhaps foresight.

Help me help.

A community is made by people caring for eachother. Volunteer organisations are the backbone of our community and I admire their commitment. I aim to promote the role of those organisations, especially neighbourhood houses, and support them in their work.

A community needs access to good health services. I support the GP Superclinic proposed for Clarence and will work to see a comprehensive range of services available from the clinic. But alternative service models are available. The traditional visit to the doctor’s is not the only model for health service delivery in the modern age. We can improve access to health services on the Eastern Shore by establishing nurse led walk-in clinics.

A community needs good planning. Good planning means, health care, aged care and educational facilities are just a bus ride away. Good planning promotes sustainable, environmentally sensitive development. Good planning will protect our river. Good planning provides real jobs for our children.

Talk with me on line between 7.30 and 9.00pm each night before the election at jamescrotty.com.au. Form your own view of my capability, strength and independence.

Help me be a strong independent voice in the Legislative Council. Vote 1 CROTTY.

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